Case Study

Web application for online scheduling


What is it about?

Complete web design for an application that will allow its users to find professionals who offer beauty and physical health services. The application allows to check professionals availability and make a reservation online based on their local selection (United States or France).


Steps and Considerations

A blend of modern, intuitive, simple and easy to familiarize artwork was designed for three types of users, all with different approaches.

Standard user: Looking for Professional
Business Owner: Lists Professionals
Client: Manages the Web App


Web App example.




Simple and easy to understand artwork was developed. Also, friendly indicators to guide the user were included during the process.


Interface example (GUI or UI) for a web application.


Flexible Front-end Design

The front-end section of the site was created in a flexible manner, planning each that each of the pages was well structured and compatible to be used from different devices. The correct balance between artwork, functionality and project objectives was found to achieve a tool that would be the solution of individuals who would like to schedule an appointment online instead of waiting to be attended when reaching the local business of a beauty or physical health professional (United States or France).


Example of a front-end flexible and intuitive design of a web application that allows users to schedule online appointments.


Web interface that is simple and loads fast

Web interface that is simple and loads fast

Not only easy to use and pleasant to human interaction interfaces were designed` also: buttons, graphics and all code was optimized for fast load and security assurance.


Admin built for Continuous Use

Taking into account that millions of professionals will be using the application as their main channel to accept appointments and register payments, a lightweight administration was designed that only takes a small fraction of a second to load at normal speeds.


Interactive Calendar Web Interface Design that loads fast and is simple.



Example of the results of a clean and simple interface for a web portal.



Currently the client owns a web app that combines the benefits of a well done design that has translated into high levels of acceptance by its user base.

The site has achieved hundreds of users in it’s firsts days and it’s rapidly growing to achive web success.





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